Time is running out to have your rental property insulation upgraded to the legally required standard by 1 July 2019. The cost to insulate the average rental property is under the $4,000.00 fine which will likely be applied to non-compliant rental property owners post 1 July 2019. MBIE is being vigilant in notifying property managers that they will be pursuing non-complying property owners. As there has been a long lead in period to bring properties up to standard Chic Property Management believe there will be no chance of landlords getting away without paying significant fines which will be awarded to the tenant. Unless you plan to gift your tenants $4,000.00 NOW IS THE TIME TO INSTALL. Call Chic today on 022 0800 237 to organise a professional insulation assessment and quotation for required upgrades as the period prior to January 2019 may be your last chance to get installers on the job prior to the 1 July 2019 deadline Rush!