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Do Chic Property Management Ltd offer guarantees?

Yes. Chic are committed to long term relationships with buy and hold property investors. We offer a Performance Guarantee so if you are not entirely satisfied we’ll give you 30 days free property management services.

We offer a “no rent arrears” guarantee for less than a dollar per day!

If you are tied into a contract with a non-performing competitor, don’t despair, ask us about our “investor rescue service”* – we may be able to get you out of your contract at no extra cost to yourself. – Leave us to sort out the messy break up with your current property manager (*special conditions apply  – ask your Chic Representative).

Why did the directors start Chic Property Management Ltd?

The founders of Chic started Chic as a result of finding themselves self-managing a growing property portfolio, the growth of which was being stifled by the lack of property managers providing consistent quality property management to the standard required for enduring investment success. Our Managing Director had commenced a career in Real Estate and believed local property management companies were just not doing the job in their client’s best interests. These companies appeared more interested in quantity (individuals often “managing” over 200 properties) than quality, which was likely restricting the financial growth of property investor clients. Many property managers are salaried meaning a lack of direct financial accountability to clients for their actions or inactions. Chic directors felt the time was right for an investor-centric property management model. While Real Estate Agents and Residential Tenancies are highly regulated property managers remain unregulated and service quality varies widely along with fees charged. Real Estate clients often ask for recommended property managers, so to fill the niche market of “doing property management properly” Chic was created.


What kind of properties can/do you manage?

Chic manages residential property of any configuration, however stand-alone homes, multi income flats, apartments and lifestyle properties are most common.


Where does the company operate?

Auckland. Chic is a constantly evolving company which is growing holistically in conjunction with our investor client’s needs, emerging improved technologies and systems which we implement enhance the quality of service through increased efficiencies. Our physical offices are based in Papakura, Auckland’s southern logistical hub, close to the motorway. We currently manage properties in the Waikato, South and East Auckland. As we provide a boutique mobile service, we adapt to look after property investor client needs in different rental markets.

Feel free to call Chic now for a no obligation discussion regarding your specific needs.


How independent are you?

Our focus is on providing a cost effective premium quality service for our property investor clients. Chic is independently NZ owned and operated with no formal alignment with any franchise group, this minimises the fees we need to charge. Our managing director is a long term member of Auckland Property Investors Association (APIA) under the umbrella of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) and Residential Property Managers Association (RPMA).


How can I be assured of independence, integrity & accountability?

Chic is a family owned company. Chic’s business model is based on transparency and superior accountability, which starts with how our Property Management Plan fee structure works and how we get paid. This enables prioritisation of service so our clients benefit where it matters most for property investors, the bottom line!

There is no comprehensive authority for accountability in the Property Management Industry as it is unregulated however this may soon change, as independent RPMA property managers we are dedicated to improving property management standards and have committed to the RPMA Code of Ethics. Chic’s independence is maintained, Chic’s integrity and transparency assured.


How experienced is Chic Property Management Ltd?

Our Individual team members will have varied experience in property management. Our directors have managed residential rental properties continuously since 2000. They have also been involved buying, holding, developing, financing, selling and maintaining properties so have a strong understanding of what buy and hold property investors require to be successful in all markets. Our directors still control their multi-million dollar buy and hold investment property portfolios. We walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. We are also experienced in meth testing (NZQA certified) and implement best practice meth management asset protection protocols.


Why should I use Chic over another company?

If you are not convinced already? Industry research shows the optimum number of properties to be managed in order to maintain service quality is around 80-100. Many property managers are expected to manage 200 properties or more. We have even heard of some individuals managing 400 plus properties. While this may be highly profitable for the real estate companies, it likely isn’t for their clients. The provision of quality property management is the basis on which the Chic Property Management business model is founded. We limit team members to managing around 100 quality tenancies each. As the company grows new team members can be added enabling a sustainable win/win for all parties involved. Chic’s company structure has been created on this basis.


Do you charge a letting fee?

Clients on long term gold or platinum plans are not charged letting fees. We beleive there should be no silver lining for the property manager when your property goes vacant and every possible incentive to retain excellent tenants in your rental property for as long as possible. Where the tenant is causing problems we feel it is important you the property owner can have absolute confidence the actions we take are in your best interests. Just as real estate sales agencies managing rental properties, charging a letting fee to the owner has created a serious conflict of interest for property managers working at these same agencies. Chic has no financially biased conflict of interest to encourage you to sell your rental property or to see your property go vacant.


Our current manager charges a fee for fixed term tenancies. Does Chic charge for fixed tenancy renewal?

Chic Property Management specialise in the management of fixed term tenancies so tenancy renewals are free on gold and platinum plans.

Why do you charge a service fee for maintenance?

It is important we have flexibility to manage properties in any condition. Poorly maintained properties cost everyone so in order that well maintained and presented properties are not subsidising others it makes sense a modest service fee be charged. We don’t believe there should be an incentive to bill the owner high maintenance costs, neither should there be a disincentive to maintaining a property in a reasonable state of repair so as to keep good long term tenants in place paying their hard earned rent to you. There are costs involved organising quotes, supervising repairs, checking work, billing and paying for repairs. You’ve probably heard the saying “a stitch in time saves 9” nowhere is it more so than with rental properties. (Some companies organise free maintenance up to a certain figure – providing an incentive for them to leave the job until it’s far bigger and potentially a lot more expensive to resolve.)

Who does maintenance and repairs on Chic managed properties and what are their qualifications?

Chic Property Management Ltd uses independent maintenance contractors on a case by case basis. While we have established good working relationships with great trades people and companies we engage regularly we always try to have one or two backup contractors available in case they are booked out. We work with high service companies that can provide prompt cost effective repairs of an appropriate quality standard to meet or exceed any government regulations. We only use contractors with the relevant qualifications for the work involved, insisting contractors hold public liability and/or contract works insurance. They must guarantee their workmanship and actively comply with health and safety regulations.


How does Chic charge for inspections & how does cashflow smoothing work?

Most companies charge each time an inspection is completed. It is important for Chic to provide an efficient and cost effective service without making any compromise on service quality. Our reputation is our business. For this reason we provide move in/move out and new tenant inspections 4 to 6 weeks later for free. If tenants play up, the necessary compliance rechecks are also free to the property owner. When you sign up you choose your regular inspection package according to your preference (normally 3 monthly). We charge for inspections automatically according to your chosen package which smooths your cashflow. Regular inspection packages are charged at a maximum of $2.50+GST per inspection per annum and applied per semi-monthly payout a maximum of 24 times per year. Extra inspections required when a property goes vacant, or a tenant requires “intensive care” are at Chic’s cost.


Are there any other fees?

Water rates, regional rates, council rates, advertising, background and credit check expenses, specialist landlord insurance, home insurance, body corp payments, property inspections (entry/exit, new tenant 4 to 6 week check), insurance claim processing, tenancy mediation and tenancy tribunal preparation/attendance (where Chic approved the tenant) are all provided free of commissions and fees.

We provide a free Chic “For Rent” sign where appropriate,, feature listing, listing.


How often will I be paid?

At Chic Property Management Ltd we believe waiting a month between rent pay-outs is too long. We pay your income to your bank account twice per month. In addition there is 24/7 internet access so you can check on the status of your rental portfolio online any time, so you are always able to stay informed wherever you are viewing inspection photos, inspection reports, work orders, letters and financials.


What about Healthy Homes and Smoke Alarm Compliance?

As a boutique property management company this is yet another area where we excel. Smoke Alarm compliance is handled internally each time a property is inspected. Property Healthy Homes (RTA) compliance is monitored, reported back to you and appropriate work orders formulated to be dealt with by our efficient contractors, ensuring a comprehensive paper trail to meet future MBIE audit requirements and minimise landlords compliance hassles.

What about water?

All of your rental property water bills should be redirected to and paid by Chic, this keeps your end of year accountant processing simple, allows streamlined billing and recovery of the legally allowable cost from the tenant and allows us to monitor spikes in consumption for possible tenancy breaches or potentially expensive leaks.


How about rates?

Chic will pay your rates and deduct from your incoming rent for free.


How do Chic handle insurance?

Chic will obtain quotes and pay your insurance, deducting at cost from your rental income free of fees. Chic can handle all claim processing on your behalf where authorised.


What is your usual management fee?

Our usual property management fee is a low percentage of all rent and other monies recovered from the tenant deducted from each landlord pay-out. To check what your rate would be call Chic today on 022 0800 237 or enquire via the contact form.


Do you do management for fully furnished, room by room or other specialty tenancies?

Yes, Chic can tailor a package to suit however the usual management fee may vary depending on requirements and property location. You would need to discuss each situation with your property manager. Call Chic today on 022 0800 237 or enquire via the contact form.

Do Chic do casual letting?

No. We believe investors engaging a company or multiple companies to solely find a tenant for their million dollar plus value asset are making a potentially expensive mistake. When a property manager or letting agent tenants your property it’s like giving a million dollar loan to a stranger. When was the last time you did this? Casual letting is like playing property investor Russian roulette and could end up the most expensive cost cutting mistake you ever make. What incentive is there for the letting agent to find you the best quality tenant? If they are not going to manage the tenant themselves there is little incentive to work in your best interests. We think a property management company should stand behind their tenant recommendation 100%. Chic will find you a tenant and manage them. We also guarantee our performance so if you are not entirely satisfied we will give you a free month’s property management service! We recommend you choose Chic’s bronze management plan as a safer option. This plan is open term so you can cancel with 30 days notice if you wish to take back the management.

You choose…Russian Roulette or Chic Performance Guaranteed!

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